Finck & Perras helps customers recover after microburst storm

Microburst K house

The Problem

2014 microburst storm damages customers' homes.

How We Helped

On the morning of October 8th 2014 at around 4:45am a storm called a “microburst” slammed into the Easthampton side of Mount Tom. Finck & Perras' customers Mark and Kelly who live on Hendrick Street where awakened by the sound of what can be best described as a freight train and then a tree coming through their roof pinning them in their bed. Miraculously Mark & Kelly received just a few scratches.

The police and fire department rushed to the area to assess the damage and check for injuries in the mile long stretch that was impacted. 

Finck & Perras' Pat Brough has close connections to the local police and fire departments and was alerted about the storm and possible damage to homes in its path. Pat was able to determine what homes Finck & Perras insured and was ready to assist those customers right away.

When the area was secured by the fire department, Pat was on Mark and Kelly's steps, helping to get the ball rolling on a claim for them.

Mark & Kelly Kicza wrote the follow letter to us:

At about 5am on October 8th, 2014 my wife and I were shattered awake by a huge pine tree falling on our house. We stumbled downstairs in the darkness, and as the sky slowly brightened we were able to see the devastation that surround us. Trees were just everywhere. Police and Firemen were checking houses to see if anyone was injured. At this point we were able to see the 3 and 1/2 foot diameter 80 foot tall pine tree that was lodged into our house. We would later find out that there had been a microburst, which is like a tornado, except the winds are straight line instead of circular.

At 7am, as we were sitting waiting for 9am so we could call Finck & Perras to find out what we should do a man came walking up our driveway. We asked for me, then introduced himself as Pat Brough from Finck & Perras Insurance Agency. You cannot imagine my surprise and relief. He made sure that we all okay, then he pulled out his smart phone and asked us a few questions. He entered the information and said “there, your claim is opened”.

He opened up our claim and started the whole process rolling before most people are even out of bed! This is the definition of excellent customer service in my book.

I cannot say enough good things about Finck & Perras Insurance Agency, and I do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.


Mark & Kelly


Staff Involved

Patrick Brough

Pam Judd

Microburst K house

Finck & Perras helps customers recover after microburst storm

The Problem: 2014 microburst storm damages customers' homes.

How We Helped

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