What are personal property exclusions and limits of coverage?

Certain classes of property are specifically excluded from coverage because of the nature of what they are or because they are generally covered by other types of policies (check your policy for a complete list):

• Animals, birds or fish
• motorized vehicles or aircraft, including equipment and accessories
• radios, CB radios, tape decks, etc., while in or on a motor vehicle
• articles separately described and specifically insured in any other insurance
• property of boarders (renters insurance is available and should be considered by boarders).
• aircraft or aircraft parts
• property in an apartment held for rental by the insured
• property rented to others off the residential premises

Certain classes of property have specialized limits of coverage:

• money or related property, coins and precious metals other than tableware
• securities, manuscripts, and other valuable property
• water craft, including trailers and equipment
• trailers
• grave markers
• loss by theft of jewelry, watches, furs and semi-precious stones
• loss by theft of firearms
• loss by theft of silverware, goldware or pewterware.

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